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Ohio is rapidly aging.  Projections for the year 2020 suggest that in 69 of Ohio's counties one in four residents will be over the age of 60 and in 2050 eighty-three of Ohio's counties will have one in four residents over the age of 60. In light of this trend and in support of our mission, Scripps Gerontology Center is introducing Ohio-Population.org. 

Ohio-Population.org is designed to inform planning, policy, and economic development.  The website provides data about ALL age groups in Ohio, and allows users to view and download county-level population data and projections.  You will also find different kinds of visualizations to assist in communicating the information.

This project is supported by a grant through the Ohio Board of Regents to the Ohio Long-Term Care Research Project. Scripps Gerontology Center is a proud part of Miami University.

The Project Team

Senior Research Scholar
Scripps Gerontology Center;

Adjunct Associate Professor 
Department of Sociology & Gerontology
Miami University

Assistant Professor of Sociology
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Professor, Department of Sociology
University of Cincinnati

Scripps Gerontology Center; 

Department of Sociology & Gerontology
Miami University

Karl Chow, MBA
Research Associate
Scripps Gerontology Center
Miami Univeristy

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