Thursday, May 1, 2014 is presented by Scripps Gerontology Center and provides information about Ohio's population and allows users to view and download county-level population data and projections. The site is designed to inform planning, policy, and economic development.  A few of the key features of the site are highlighted below for easy access.  These and additional features can also be found using the tabs located above.

There are several new additions to the site

  • New data downloads: Projections of Ohio’s Population with Physical and/or Cognitive Disability, Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities, Mental Illness, and 60+ Socio Demographic Characteristics of Ohio’s Population
  • New county level demographic reports for all of Ohio's 88 counties
  • Maps of Ohio's 85+ population, 1990 - 2050

click to access data of projections for Ohio's 60 and older population from 2010 through 2030

click to view population pyramids for Ohio's 60 and older population from 2010 through 2050

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